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Our client is a headquarter that has many companies under It. They managed more than 10 companies. To make a certain rules and policy, they spend long hours to socialize it, and to get the report, they only can see the result that the GM sent to the headquarter.

With this, they feel a lot of missing information such as how the company runs, what happen inside process, how they make and fulfill the timeline. What is the real KPI (Key Performance Index) for employee. they did not get the process of information that clear.

Pandemic came, the “Work From Home” policy are part of attendance policy changes, in the other hand they need to keep control of the performance result.

They need a technology that can make our client can control their companies and can see the process. would be helpful and make them efficient and effective to do their job.

We decided to suggest them a web-based application.

Reasons to considered are:

  1. People work more convenient from desktop than a mobile phone
  2. Many dashboards and reports and archived files involve in it
  3. We need all the employees from that group use this environment to work with
  4. Communication, file archived, chain of command, KPI and dashboard are important keys to address.
  5. Cloud server with huge capacity is a mandatory 

We created a web-based apps called J99 Pusdatin: task and document management system.

The headquarter have a single dashboard to see who’s the employee from which company. What is a chain of comment. From this point of view, we can see what task they have, and due date and status. With project view we can see activities and KPI from any employee weather they head of division, managers, or staff all can be monitored. Also, all the submitted document are recorded.

This project as a scale we categorized it as a big app. Features were quite complex and involve many systems and reports that we tried to make it work on single environment. Gather requirement became one of challenging task. And we had given 6 months to complete the project.


20 Desember 2022
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