Join us to
awesomely grow.

What We Offer

An awesome experience of working,
awesome people to work with,
and we share the company's success with our employees;
a transparent approach to performance and growth.

For our awesome employees:

  • Flexibility on working hours
  • Office and home days: pick the best way of working that suits you
  • Part-time hours: reduce your working hours to part-time when your life demands it
  • Extra holidays: up to eight extra days
  • Worldwide working opportunities
  • Company events, team building, family days, summer parties and more
  • Leisure rooms with table football, table tennis, yoga classes and more
  • Mobile phone allowance
  • Health and dental cover
  • Mental health assistance programmers and services

What We Look For

Confident and spirited local talents with the ability to absorb fast, and the spirit to motivate others.

Those people who really want to grow and believe that they're awesome. Those people who believe in local potential that would do nothing but show the whole world that we are remarkably awesome.

The awesomeness that we look for:

  • Dynamic, proactive, and motivated
  • Caring and supportive team players
  • Excellent at communicating
  • Socially and environmentally-responsible
  • Keen to take on challenges with a ‘can do’ attitude
  • Open, transparent and honest
  • Quick learner and good listener
  • Strong on technical skills and experience
  • Equipped with a BSc degree or higher, if they’re an engineer
  • (e.g. Computer Science, Electronics, Physics, Math)
  • Possess a solid software or systems engineering background, again, if they're an engineer

Special invitation for students and amateurs:

Enam Dua strives to produce local talents as many as possible. To SMK students and amateurs; we are inviting you all because we know that you are all awesome. Your willingness to learn and grow is more than a shining CV for us. We don’t expect more other than your growth and your awesome future. Start here with us and become the awesome Enam Dua.