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Indonesian language; spelling:
Origin: Enam Dua means ‘six-two’ or sixty two. It is Indonesia’s international country code (+62), that was also used as a meme word for “Indonesia” by “Indonesian internet citizen” (netizen) in social media.

Why Enam Dua

Why Enam Dua


Enam Dua places its customers at the center of all business development and management decisions. The preferred technological solution will always be strategically designed to fit the needs, not the other way around

Transparent & Accountable

Working with third-party engineers used to be concerning. Monitoring difficulties and transparency are the major headaches that could potentially cause a chaotic situation, and Enam Dua is perfectly aware of those factors. To avoid this, Enam Dua has assigned a dedicated person to manage every customer/client and digitally integrated by cloud system. Mutual trust is everything to Enam Dua.

Fluid Requirement

It is now the era of speed and growth where everything could change sporadically at any point of time. Technology shouldn’t hold every transition needed. Enam Dua is very aware about changes and ready to face any adaptation challenges.

Micro Service Oriented

Enam Dua precedes by regularly breaking the major elements of development to small particle units that could be combined anytime it is functionally needed. Enam Dua is designed to be an agile and a fast-responding software enterprise.

The Story of Enam Dua

The Story of Enam Dua

Enam Dua is living and breathing in the world of digital technology. The world that moves really fast especially over the past decade. However, technology could only be well developed right in the center of human problems, otherwise it’ll be a nonsense creation. Therefore, Enam Dua as a software enterprise will always keep its feet planted on the ground and give all it has within the context of problem solving.

The best way to innovate is by responding our own questions to grow better. Enam Dua doesn’t just speak for today;

our care and thoughts are also for the future.


The Rise of Indonesia’s Digital Local Talents

Since the first touch of internet, Indonesia has become one of the most important components in supporting the global digital progression. In more than two decades, the Indonesian people have been exposed and infused with the idea of internet technology as an integral part of living. Demographically, Indonesia is the number 4 most populated country in the world; Indonesia has always been one of the world’s major markets, especially in this global digital era.

However, Indonesia’s digital evolusion inspires them to step up higher. As the biggest contributor to the internet economy's growth in Southeast Asia, Indonesia’s tech sector is booming. Computer science and software engineering has become one of the most popular educational subject in Indonesia; formally and informally. It is certain that science and technology learning will grow exponentially with the nation’s future set to be defined by science, technology, engineering and mathematics or STEM learning. 

Indonesia has the market, and the talent as well. It’ll be interesting to see how these Enam Dua Citizen develop themselves

to dominate the global digital world.

What Else Is In The House?

What Else Is In The House?

Enam Dua will be a pool of potential local talents. It’ll be a stepping stone for junior engineers such as SMK students and amateurs. Giving them the necessary exposure to have a bit of taste of the real global digital industry. Making them ready by working together side by side with the best professional local talents in challenging projects.

We strives to produce the world class talents as much as possible.

Enam Dua never strives to be one of the best. We inspire one another to be the best one.
Enam Dua never strives to be one of the best. We inspire one another to be the best one.

Our Talents

Enam Dua is filled with spirited professional people. Having competent engineers is a given condition for any software house, but shining CVs means nothing. The ability to absorb and the spirit to motivate others are key traits that make a clear distinction between the good and the growing one.
Indra Fahlevy -  CEO

Indra Fahlevy

M. Febriansyah -  CTO

M. Febriansyah

Dalbert Darmawan -  Marketiing Director

Dalbert Darmawan

Marketiing Director
Azani Z Ramsan -  Head of IT

Azani Z Ramsan

Head of IT
Rando Pradika -  Project Manager

Rando Pradika

Project Manager
Ibam Arafi B. -  Head of Design

Ibam Arafi B.

Head of Design
Ario Wiryoputro -  Tech Lead

Ario Wiryoputro

Tech Lead
M. Ilham Fathoni -  Tech Lead

M. Ilham Fathoni

Tech Lead
Yobi B Setiawan -  Tech Lead

Yobi B Setiawan

Tech Lead
Alvi Andirachman -  QA/QC Lead

Alvi Andirachman

QA/QC Lead
Winfrid Jonathan -  Senior UI

Winfrid Jonathan

Senior UI
Haendika -  Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer
Raditya J Nikijuluw -  Senior Marketing

Raditya J Nikijuluw

Senior Marketing
Fahnurrosih -  Office Manager


Office Manager