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Indonesian language; spelling:
Origin: Enam Dua means ‘six-two’ or sixty two. It is Indonesia’s international country code (+62), that was also used as a meme word for “Indonesia” by “Indonesian internet citizen” (netizen) in social media.

The Story of Enam Dua

The Story of Enam Dua

Enam Dua operates in the rapidly evolving world of digital technology, recognizing that effective technology solutions must be developed with a focus on addressing human problems. Enam Dua is committed to problem-solving and prioritizes innovation by asking and answering challenging questions. With an eye on the future, Enam Dua is dedicated to delivering thoughtful solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers.

The best way to innovate is by responding our own questions to grow better. Enam Dua doesn’t just speak for today;

our care and thoughts are also for the future.


Why Enam Dua

Why Enam Dua


Enam Dua's business development and management decisions are customer-centric, with a focus on strategically designing technological solutions that align with their needs, rather than expecting customers to adapt to technology.

Transparent & Accountable

Enam Dua understands the concerns associated with working with third-party engineers, particularly issues related to monitoring and transparency that can lead to chaos. To address this, Enam Dua assigns a dedicated person to manage each customer/client and integrates digitally through a cloud system. This approach fosters mutual trust, which is paramount to Enam Dua's success.

Fluid Requirement

Enam Dua recognizes that in today's fast-paced and constantly evolving business environment, technology should not hinder necessary transitions. Enam Dua is equipped to tackle any adaptation challenges that may arise, remaining flexible and responsive to change.

Micro Service Oriented

Enam Dua adopts an agile approach to software development, regularly breaking down major elements into smaller, functional units that can be combined as needed. This design allows Enam Dua to be a fast-responding and flexible software enterprise.

The Rise of Indonesia’s Digital Local Talents

Indonesia has emerged as a vital component in driving the global digital revolution, ever since its initial encounter with the internet over two decades ago. With a populace of over 270 million, Indonesia has consistently been one of the world's significant markets, particularly in the current digital era. It is the leading contributor to Southeast Asia's internet economy growth, which has seen a surge in the tech sector. The surge in popularity of computer science and software engineering education in Indonesia testifies to its profound embrace of STEM learning. With a robust market and a talented workforce, Indonesia is well-positioned to capitalize on its growth potential in the tech industry. Enam Dua Citizens are poised to leverage these strengths to make significant contributions to the global digital community.

to dominate the global digital world.

What Else Is In The House?

What Else Is In The House?

Enam Dua aims to cultivate and nurture local talents, particularly junior engineers such as SMK students and amateurs, by providing them with valuable exposure and hands-on experience in the global digital industry. Our pool of professionals will guide and work closely with these budding talents in challenging projects, creating opportunities for growth and development towards world-class expertise.

We strives to produce the world class talents as much as possible.

Enam Dua never strives to be one of the best. We inspire one another to be the best one.
Enam Dua never strives to be one of the best. We inspire one another to be the best one.

The Talents

Enam Dua is comprised of highly skilled professionals who possess more than just impressive resumes. While having competent engineers is a prerequisite for any software company, it's the ability to learn and motivate others that truly sets us apart.
Indra Fahlevy -  CEO

Indra Fahlevy

M. Febriansyah -  CTO

M. Febriansyah

Dalbert Darmawan -  CMO

Dalbert Darmawan

Azani Z Ramsan -  Head of IT

Azani Z Ramsan

Head of IT
Rando Pradika -  Project Manager

Rando Pradika

Project Manager
Ibam Arafi B. -  Head of Design

Ibam Arafi B.

Head of Design
Ario Wiryoputro -  Tech Lead

Ario Wiryoputro

Tech Lead
M. Ilham Fathoni -  Tech Lead

M. Ilham Fathoni

Tech Lead
Yobi B Setiawan -  Tech Lead

Yobi B Setiawan

Tech Lead
Alvi Andirachman -  QA/QC Lead

Alvi Andirachman

QA/QC Lead
Winfrid Jonathan -  Senior UI

Winfrid Jonathan

Senior UI
Haendika -  Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer
Raditya J Nikijuluw -  Business Development

Raditya J Nikijuluw

Business Development
Fahnurrosih -  Office Manager


Office Manager