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Enam Dua is the catalyst of local digital talents that helps everyone to overcome the global digital challenges. It was founded by a group of local software engineer who set out to show the world that local talents are awesome!

The House Enam Dua

The understatement on Indonesia’s local talents has explicitly reveal one fundamental challenge:

as a catalyst for local talents,

Enam Dua is going to make everyone realize that Indonesia’s local talents are remarkably awesome.

Enam Dua, by all means, believe in local talents and its potential contributions - especially for Indonesia to dwell confidently in the global digital era. The objective of the house is simple; Enam Dua will help everyone to overcome their digital technological challenges and desire. In a holistic point of view;

nothing’s left in the future other than what we do now together.

Enam dua Expertise

System & Software Development

We design, develop, maintain, and transform all kinds of systems & software.

Digital Transformation

Enam Dua facilitate businesses to confidently embrace their digital transformation.

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Creativity in Finance

No word can explain better of what could initiate positive progression in the financial industry other than “creativity”. Enam Dua works with companies that want to push their limit to make impactful changes in this sector. Financial inclusion is nearly impossible without the use of digital technology.

Knowledge Across Archipelago

In spirit of giving back to our community all across the nation, Enam Dua also works with companies to catalyze reach and equality of education throughout Indonesia. Digital technology for a better education, especially for our own children.

E-commerce Boom

Pandemic pushed transformation faster, e-commerce's growth went through the roof and it continue to grow. There is no reason to not being agile especially in this sector. It is game changing for most of conventional local retailer. Enam Dua takes the role in transforming their journey, digitizing them, and focusing on how the businesses interact with its customers. Digital technology is not just a platform of buying and selling, it is also a source of insight, personalized experiences, and definitely, the most realistic vehicle to overcome any potential challenges and growth.

Data Science and Statistics

In this shifting-era, businesses are not able to see as far as they used to. They also can’t rely solely just on their historical data and experiences; since the pandemic has brutally changed the game. Enam Dua has worked with corporations and some start-up companies to overcome these challenges. A dynamic situation could only be handled by using technology that precedes these never ending changes.

Agriculture Industry

Agriculture in Indonesia has as many challenges as its potentials. We are talking about remote lands, millions of hard-headed field workers, diverse & old culture, unique type of inventory, challenging logistic, and ultimately - internet & digital technological barrier. However, the intention and the willingness to change is already on the table. Enam Dua is working with corporations and start-up companies to create technologies that serve as a bridge for them to migrate smoothly. Simplifying some things that are considered complex until even a fifth grader can use it with ease.

All About Dynamic

The popularity of conventional bricks and mortar stores has already been declining, even before the pandemic hits. Consumers are continuously looking for more experiences and convenience. However, today’s digital world has made it possible for many retailers to overcome those challenges by taking their business online and by using modern digital trends into their processes to offer an advanced way of shopping. Other than e-commerce, Enam Dua is also working on several digital trends such as mobile applications, fulfilment automation, and extended reality.

Inside and Outside of Court

Sports enterprises undergoing a digital transformation should think through what digital capabilities they need and how to use them effectively to change the three organizational cornerstones — people, process, and technology. On the external matters, many sports fans are no longer interested in the game alone – they crave the kind of exclusive and shareable experiences that can be amplified by technology. In order to build digital capabilities in sport industry, Enam Dua is also working with sports enterprises to help them view problem solving through a digital lens.

Electronics Industry

Since the introduction of iPhone in 2007, that was the beginning of the series of internet disruption into the whole electronic business. From industrial applications to consumer products, the IoT (internet of things) is quickly transforming the way everyone interacts with the physical and digital world. IoT is giving the real benefits for every electronic brands to running on a more secure innovation platform in order to make improvement in product creation, production quality, and product user experiences. Enam Dua is working with some of the global electronics brands to overcome this industrial disruptive wave.

Beauty Industry

Companies in beauty industry requires a neat and serious management capability. An end to end hectic flow of business that is need to incorporating digital operating system and technologies to help their daily process run smoothly. Enam Dua is also working with a beauty company to help them grow with a better management process quality, and accompany them to exploring more potentials through digital inclusion.