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"Accelerating Progress: With over 50 projects completed, a dedicated team of 100+ professionals, and a growing clientele of 36. We have grown rapidly each year since the start.”

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Mobile App Developmenticon
Mobile App Development

We create mobile apps for Android and IOS.

Web Developmenticon
Web Development

We develop tailor made system for any businesses.

Custom Software Developmenticon
Custom Software Development

We design, develop, deploy, maintain, and transform all kinds of system and software

UI/UX Designicon
UI/UX Design

We design mobile / web apps with attractive interface yet simple and better user journey.

IT Outsourceicon
IT Outsource

We have experience and high quality developers ready to support any other company who needs it.

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Discussion Phase

We start by listening to your ideas and needs. This is where we understand your vision and goals for the mobile app you want to create.

Offers from us

After our initial discussion, we provide you with a clear and detailed proposal, outlining the scope, timeline, and budget for your project.

Project Kick-Off

Once we have a mutual agreement, we officially launch your project. This includes setting up communication channels, project management tools, and timelines.

Design Process

Our talented designers work on creating the visual and user experience aspects of your app. This phase ensures that the app is not only functional but also visually appealing and user-friendly.

Design UAT

Prior to development, we conduct an in-depth Design User Acceptance Test to ensure your app's design meets your vision and expectations, catching and resolving any issues before they impact the final product.


This is where the magic happens. Our skilled developers bring your app to life, turning the design and concepts into a fully functional, high-quality mobile application.

Product UAT

Before moving to development, we conduct rigorous Design User Acceptance Test to ensure the app meets your expectations. This phase includes extensive testing to catch any issues before they reach the final product.

Job Finish!

We ensure that your mobile application is polished, tested, and ready for launch. Your project is considered complete when your app is market-ready and meets your satisfaction.

  • Herry Rizaldi image

    What they say about us?

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    Herry Rizaldi

    COO of Transmarco
    62 Teknologi was instrumental in developing our "9to9" mobile apps for Android and iOS, catering to our marketplace. With a diverse product range including Hush Puppies, Obermain, and LeSportsac, the mobile apps have significantly boosted our sales. The team at 62 Technologi meticulously managed the project, addressing a detailed list of requirements and providing solutions to streamline the process. Their adherence to timelines and the quality of the outcome have left us thoroughly satisfied.
  • Ganesha Widya P image

    What they say about us?

    double quotemark

    Ganesha Widya P

    COO of J99 Corp

    Digitalization in business is crucial, and as a trusted application development partner, 62 Teknologi has greatly assisted J99 Corp. in achieving the digital transformation that was essential for the growth of our business units.

  • Nico Rupriansyah image

    What they say about us?

    double quotemark

    Nico Rupriansyah

    Plantation Manager of JOP

    As a rubber plantation operating in a remote area with a substantial workforce, we were initially skeptical when 62 Teknologi proposed a digital solution. However, they delivered a mobile application capable of functioning seamlessly on our site. This app enables real-time monitoring of our workers' attendance and the quantity of rubber collected each day. Our headquarters can now access all this data through an intuitive dashboard and detailed reports. We are pleased with the efficiency improve

  • Casey Ntoma image

    What they say about us?

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    Casey Ntoma

    Head Sales of PANASONIC

    In our quest to add value to our products, particularly our Smart LED TVs which cater to the hospitality industry including hotels and serviced apartments, we were fortunate to collaborate with 62 Teknologi. They developed built-in applications for our Smart LED TVs, providing an optimal solution for us. The project was managed exceptionally by 62 Teknologi, with a communicative team that kept to the schedule. They also trained us in using the Content Management System (CMS) and set up a dedicat